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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi Guys. from Cocodownunder.

I need to ask a favor from 1 of you guys. Can you please log into the FTP website for cocodownunder here, And can you please delete the SRB folder thats in the archives thanks.

Also I would like to APOLOGISE to Steve Bjork the author of SRB games and software. Sorry that I found out too late that your stuff was up in the archives. It was an oversight on my part. That folder is my personal stuff. It should not be up there for the world to access.

I still cannot recall how I put it up. as all SRB stuff was in a seperate folder not linked in anyway to the archives stuff.



Friday, July 27, 2007

"The Time Has Come..."

And with those CoCo-famous words, The Rainbow published it's final issue. Well, the CoCo Collector isn't ceasing, and this certainly isn't as monumental an event, but this blog is toast. I'll be moving the CoCo Collector articles and posts to The CoCo Hut blog starting today. This blog will stay up as long as Google will let it, mainly so it doesn't break any links. Over the next few weeks, I'll be revamping my site links and moving sidebar content over. You are, of course, invited to update your bookmarks and linkage as well.

Read the new CoCo Collector on The CoCo Hut at:

The main reason for the change is to simplify and streamline my workload. Which, let's face it, is never going to happen (I'm too disorganized... and I like it that way!), but I do have to make the effort. heh! When I started both blogs, Blogger didn't have a labels feature, so keeping separate blogs on different topics made sense. Now they do offer such a feature, so a broad topic blog, like The CoCo Hut, that is subdivided into topics is feasible, easy, and more conducive to reading as well. It's a one link stop to CoCo collecting, news, projects and ramblings.

So, without further ado, adios to The CoCo Collector blog... join me, Brian and the rest of the gang over in the new CoCo Collector topic (among other things) at The CoCo Hut!

Angel's Luck,

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Manuals, expensive mint games, and an X-Pad

Some changes coming to the CoCo Collector in August, so stay tuned. The poll to the right is a new blogger feature. Pretty neat. May have to run these occasionally just for grins. Hey, take a second to click it. Couldn't hurt, right? :)

On to the Color Computer collecting Goodness...

eBay: TRS-80 computer games book lot (item 330146610257 end time Jul-19-07 13:21:28 PDT)

This lot contains two CoCo manuals in decent shape. They're also for a couple of rare games, Bridge Tutor and Color Cubes, that are often sold without. So, if you've recently purchased these without the manual, here's a shot to pick 'em up. Both from the flat clamshell packaging.

eBay: TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer CoCo 3 RGB Video Cable (item 190132725303 end time Jul-21-07 15:47:51 PDT)

Here's an 3rd party RGB cable for use with the CoCo 3. This is the sort of thing you need to run a Magnavox or Commodore monitor, but be sure to check. Different vintage "non-Tandy" monitors often had different connectors. Inquire, as always. Have to say I haven't seen one of these before, though.

eBay: TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer CoCo Rainbow on Disk Dec 88 (item 190132725735 end time Jul-21-07 15:50:44 PDT)
eBay: TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer CoCo Rainbow on Disk Jan 90 (item 190132725872 end time Jul-21-07 15:51:37 PDT)

A couple of Rainbow on Disk issues up for grabs. These are always fun to poke through even if you don't have the corresponding issue. Good solid collectible as well, as these are getting rarer.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer Tandy CoCo Klendathu Manual (item 190132727967 end time Jul-21-07 16:02:37 PDT)

Another manual only, but also from a game that is often sold without. Klendathu was an early (1982) CoCo 1 PMODE 3 game on tape that had you blasting away at the Bugs as they try to over run your position. Great game. For the time, really captured some of the fun of the Robert H. Heinlein book, Starship Troopers. The bug animations were pretty groovy back in '82 (and are still pretty fun to watch). It's also not really like any other game you'll find for the CoCo. Different is good!

eBay: Tandy Software Where in the Worldis Carmen Sandiego (item 290140003306 end time Jul-23-07 08:06:45 PDT)
eBay: Tandy Software The Dallas Quest (item 290140004573 end time Jul-23-07 08:10:45 PDT)
eBay: Tandy Software Interbank Incident (item 290140005420 end time Jul-23-07 08:14:12 PDT)
eBay: Tandy Software Flight Sim 1 (item 290140007495 end time Jul-23-07 08:21:43 PDT)
eBay: Tandy Software Rescue on Fractalus (item 290140008706 end time Jul-23-07 08:25:56 PDT)

This seller has several software packages for the CoCo 3 on disk. All appear to be mint. All are also well worth getting. Interbank Incident, as mentioned a bajillion time before, is a personal favorite from a retro point of view. The mouse interface was one of the first used and, being all graphical, it was just one of those "Wow! This is cool!" moments for a young, 15-year old CoCo 2 nutter. :) Anyhow, Buy It Now prices and high shipping may scare off a few buyers on these. Sigh.

eBay: Tandy 128k Color Computer 3 Keyboard Vintage NO RESERVE (item 170132010258 end time Jul-24-07 07:11:00 PDT)

A mislisted CoCo 3 up for grabs. Could be cleaned up and be quite serviceable, or an excellent candidate for a repak or mod, assuming it runs, of course.

eBay: Vintage TSR 80 Computer X-PAD GRAPHIC TABLET GT-116 (item 230153457496 end time Jul-24-07 18:09:08 PDT)

Nice looking, in the box, appears complete X-Pad. Problem with this thing the lack of software that uses it. McPaint does the job, from what I've heard, but finding that thing is murder. I've got it, but can't turn it loose, unfortunately. (Haven't tested it with the X-Pad, yet. Have to hook up a CoCo 1 and give it whirl one of these days.) Hopefully the authors will release all that stuff into the wild soon. (hint, hint... heh!)

That's it for now!

Angel's Luck,

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Some CoCo Goodness ending soon!

Some of this stuff is ending soon, so jump in if you're inclined...

eBay: TRS-80 64K COLOR COMPUTER+DIGITAL FLOPPY DISK DRIVE LOT (item 110147328329 end time Jul-15-07 18:00:00 PDT)

This one includes a duel Digital disk drive unit and an unidentified controller.  Can't remember who sold Digital drives like this, but it might have been Howard Medical.  hmm... maybe.  Anyhow, a neat collectible as these certainly don't come up much!

eBay: Tandy Color Computer3 / FD Drive /Casssette Recorder+ (item 220129275255 end time Jul-13-07 17:27:01 PDT)

Beautiful condition CoCo 3 Goodness.  Right up there in the collectible quality.

eBay: Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer ROMs and Tape (item 170128287909 end time Jul-09-07 21:53:33 PDT)

This one has a hidden gem.  The CoCo 1/2 game BlocHead from Computerware!  If I remember correctly (and I'm too lazy to get up off my arse and go look) this is a Q*Bert clone.  Also hidden in there is a blue blox Chess pak.  I don't know that actual story behind the blue bloxes (most pak boxes were gray), but they don't show up often either.

eBay: Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer Disk Programs & Games! (item 170128284579 end time Jul-09-07 21:27:12 PDT)

Lots of CoCo fun with original disks for Sinistaar, Those Darn Marbles, Sub Battle Simulator (a personal fav), Super Disk, two issue of the rarely seen CoCo Friends Disk Magazine (Mary's father did this one), Super Ram III and Wargame Designer too among others. Whew!  Best software lot we've seen in awhile!

eBay: Tandy / Radio Shack Color Computer Assorted Books (item 170128281446 end time Jul-09-07 21:03:05 PDT)

Some pretty darn rare books/mags in this one including issues of UpTime and Helpful Hints from The Rainbow.

eBay: Vintage Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer 3 CoCo3 Great! (item 110146527460 end time Jul-12-07 19:34:18 PDT)

Very nice, mislisted CoCo 3 setup with CM-8 and drive.  Also includes the rare and popular on the CoCo Star Rainbow printer.  Shipping is steep even for such a heavy lot, but then again people have paid more for CoCo 3 setups before.

Angel's Luck,

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Monday, July 02, 2007

A whole lotta nothin'

Well, I've been offline for over a week, so I figured there would be plenty of CoCo goodness to ogle on eBay, right?  Geez!  Barely any listings for the last two weeks or so.  Pretty dry spell, I'd say.  Couple of things that caught my eye:

eBay: 6 TRS-80 Color Computer Cartridges Radio Shack lot 2 (item 220127468389 end time Jul-09-07 18:47:04 PDT)

This is a nice collection of paks for using. It's got the rare Panic Button and Demolition Derby paks that make the price right for your game playing pleasure. Offered combined shipping with the next lot makes it an attractive set, if you want some plug and play Color Computer fun.

eBay: 6 TRS-80 Color Computer Cartridges Radio Shack 80's (item 220127467534 end time Jul-09-07 18:42:14 PDT)

This one has Androne and Dragon Fire, both of which are pretty rare. You won't go wrong with any of the paks in this lot, though.  I love Color Baseball.  You can control the ball after you hit it, which is just freakin' hysterical. heh...

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer Setup! Rare! NR! (item 180135697351 end time Jul-06-07 14:24:02 PDT)

Here's a good looking CoCo 1 in original box with manuals. An Extended BASIC machine by the looks of it, but no word on the memory or cat no.  This CoCo usually had 16K or 64K installed.  32K upgrades were possible, but not as common on this type of CoCo. The seller is also throwing in a rather nice looking CGP-220 color printer.  I'd ask him if he'd drop it to save on the shipping, but complete with manuals in the box, it is somewhat rare as well.  Note the two black dots on the center keyboard. No idea, but it's interesting.  Also includes the CoCo Max pak with tape, which is exceedingly rare.  Even more rare?  That orange label Real Talker pak.  Oh baby!

And I'm afraid that's about it for now.  Tune in and stay tuned!

Angel's Luck,

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Old OS-9 Software and a couple of funnies

Quick Price Guide note: I've pretty much given up on trying to do rarity.  Maintaining it is just taking too much time away from other projects that are more productive and satisfying.  But not all is lost! :)  I'm slowly working on getting the price guide over to an online format that can be edited by multiple contributors.  Still may be awhile away, since the whole thing has to be converted by hand, but it should be worth it when it's done. 

In the short term, I've got a plan to get more folks involved in maintaining the Price Guide and will hopefully have some news and something set up to handle that shortly.

eBay: Tandy 64K TRS-80 Color Computer 2 in Box with Manuals (item 110138229537 end time Jun-19-07 19:15:00 PDT)

This very nice 26-3127B, complete, went for $22.60 with moderate bidding. This is my favorite CoCo 2, mainly because it's the only one I've confirmed can do true lowercase without a hardware mod. Although I should note that it's been documented before that any Korean built "B" model of the CoCo 2 can do this. The real test is to pop it open and see which VDU is in there. The original CoCo, and the U.S. built CoCo 2s, have a 6847. The Korean "B" models have a 6847T1 chip. The exception, of course, is this CoCo, the 3127B, which was U.S. built.  If you don't want to open up your shiny mint CoCo2, just hook it up and press the zero key. If there's a slash through the zero, it's a 6847T1 model. If so, you can poke the VDU to get true lower case instead of reverse video.  Anyhow, this went a bit lower than previously recorded, so the Price Guide has been nudged down a bit.

eBay: Radio Shack Color Computer OS-9 Profile software (item 320129396988 end time Jun-26-07 20:08:21 PDT)

Nice, unopened copy of Profile for OS-9 (Level 1).  Only one copy recorded previously, also in Fine condition. Worth a look.

eBay: Interlude Adult Computer Game TRS-80 Model I or III (item 180131740024 end time Jun-25-07 08:43:32 PDT)

This is for the Model I/III but it made me laugh so hard I snorted. Remember the old Frank Hogg ads on the back of Hot CoCo with the woman in lingerie? Fun stuff. Fun stuff.

eBay: 6 Vintage Cartridges for TI TRS-80 Color Computer -Rare (item 200120215324 end time Jun-22-07 09:55:12 PDT)

Apparently TI and Tandy joined forces at one point to make ... er... I dunno.  Brian should get a kick out of this one.  (These are NOT for the CoCo, just in case someone didn't get the funny part.)

Angel's Luck,


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Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh for crying out loud...

Only have one auction of interest, and it's only interesting due to how RIDICULOUS the shipping is on this one"

Tandy CoCo3 Color Computer Complete Collectors Must See

Okay... figured I'd start this entry with my Mega BSOTD. There is less than half of the CoCo Goodness here than went in last weeks AWESOME auction, yet, his reserve is set at $299. That's not the worst part of it.. the shipping is $100 for the computer, monitor and floppy. If you want the broken DMP-430, it's another $50 shipping cost!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Again, I'll go back to the three boxes with a Model IV and ALL manuals, 15 Meg HDD for it, 2 TI-99/4A's, loads of carts, etc... and only paid $60 in shipping. And none of this appears, from the crappy pics, to be in collectible condition.BIDDER BEWARE!!!!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Complete CoCo 3, a rare game, and an um...

Some stuff for today...

eBay: Tandy CoCo3 512k Color Computer 3 Complete System (item 140127742995 end time Jun-17-07 19:39:26 PDT)

Here's another shot at this lot.  It's Cloud-9 upgraded 512K CoCo 3 with PAL upgraded MPI and FD-501.  Also includes an SSP, RS232 Pak, NitrOS-9 and manuals.  Pretty good way to get a complete, updated CoCo 3 setup.  Reserve auction with a Buy It Now of $269.00. 

eBay: Lot of 3 RARE Radio Shack Tandy TRS-80 Games w/ Manuals (item 270130367992 end time Jun-17-07 19:37:20 PDT)

This lot contains the rare, and fun, Doubleback pak.  Pretty cool kind of game where you try to circle things as they pop.  I actually did a BASIC version of this game years ago using the low-res screen.  Not nearly as neat as this one, though.  Worth a look!  Also, include the rare Dinowars, and the Space Assault paks.  The original boxes appear to be in rough shape, but the Doubleback pak is rare in any condition.

eBay: cm-8 color monitor for use w/ tandy color computer (item 150131528417 end time Jun-13-07 19:31:51 PDT)

Ahem.  "Great shape?" Dude, the side of the case is melted and the front door is missing. On the other hand... well.... there's five more fingers.  Maybe I'll let Brian handle this one. (grin)  Oh wait, I know... If you were interested in repacking a CM-8, here's a contender!  (I can find something nice to say about anything. ha!)

eBay: TANDY 5-1/4" THINLINE DISK DRIVE FOR COLOR COMPUTER, NR (item 280121688433 end time Jun-10-07 14:38:16 PDT)

Was kind of surprised this did sell for a bit more. Went for about US$52.00. 

Angel's Luck,


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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bid Assistant on eBay

New features on eBay don't come up too often.  Oh, there's enhancements and changes to current features now and then, of course.  My World, for example, is just an enhanced version of the old user profile. eBay just doesn't mess with the formula much.  And that's a Good Thing.  It's simple, it's easy, it works.  Don't mess with it.

Bid Assistant, recently introduced by eBay, is a new feature that works just as simply as the rest of the service.  It automatically bids on a group of items for you, up to ten, until you win one.  Pretty slick actually.

What this means for CoCo Collectors is that now you can easily group up some CoCo items, and you'll like win one.  I can see this as a boon against snipers particularly.  Sniping is using an automated program to hit an auction repeatedly a few seconds before it ends, bidding it up and making it difficult for someone doing considered and thoughtfully bidding to get a win.  If you've ever been out bid at the last second, there's a pretty good chance (not necessarily, but pretty good) that you've been sniped.

Example: Let's say there's four disk drive units up for auction. You're willing to bid $50.00 for one, but that your max.  Previously, you would need to find the one ending soonest and bid on it. You would then monitor the auction until you won or got outbid. In the latter case you would bid again, up to your maximum. (Never bid you maximum initially... save that toward the end of the auction! There are actually people out there that will bid up an item just to see how high they can make it go.  They think they're teaching a lesson or exposing foolishness, or whatever.  They don't get the concept of an auction.)  If you loose the auction, you then have to move on to the next drive and start all over.

Bid Assistant helps a bit here.  Now, you could group all 4 drives together and the system will bid on those items, in chronological order, until you win one.  It only bids in the minimum increments until it gets outbid. Then keeps bidding until your preset max is reached.  Obviously, if someone is using Bidding Assistant on the same, you're going to hit your max pretty quick.  For this reason, you can set different bid maximums for each item in a group.  Or you can set a single maximum for each item in the group and "adjust it" as necessary. Ebay emails you when your max is hit, but close to the end of an auction those emails are too late more often than not.  Either way, once your maximum is set, you're good to go. 

Now, it still seems to me that you're not going to want to bid your max right off.  You'll still want to edge it up.  But now you can do that for a whole range of items instead of having to go through them separately.  It is designed, and most useful, for items of a similar nature (8 CoCo 2s, 4 disk drive, 6 program paks, etc).  If you loose one, you've probably eliminated a competitor (hey, they got theirs!) and Bidding Assistant will immediately place an appropriate bid on they next item in line.

Bidding Assistant won't fix problems people have with eBay. But it's not really intended to do so.  It's a convenience tool that makes getting a specific item, from a range of choices, a touch easier.  Give it shot!

Information on using Bidding Assistant is located here:

Using Bid Assistant

Angel's Luck,


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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big $$$ and a Beaut of a Floppy

First, thanks to Brian for returning in the nick of time with some timely posts. See below for some CoCo Goodness in his posts. :)

Okay, so after a month of trying it and failing miserably I'm going to give up on the regular post a specific day thing. :P  Back to the "when they hit" posts.  These will be briefer than previously.  Here we goooo...

Brian already hit this one, but [expletive deleted] me!!! heh...

eBay: TRS 80 CoCo 3 & 2 RGB MONITOR DSK DR CST DR GAMES BOOKS (item 110133742900 end time Jun-07-07 15:19:04 PDT)

Pretty much a collector's wet dream.  What I though was interesting was the bidding.  This didn't start high.  I think it was around $10.00 to start, or something like that, and the initial bidder retracted.  By the end, the remaining bidders were hitting in $50.00 or more increments.  Serious bidding for a serious lot.  Whether this was sold to someone starting a CoCo collection, or to a regular collector, the buyer scored as well.  I have most of the stuff in that auction, most of it not in nearly as nice condition, a I guarantee I paid WAY more than $300.00 for it. heh!  I've said it before, when these big fat lots come up, grab 'em if you have the means.  The seller got a great price for quick unloading.  Selling the pieces *might* have gotten more money (big maybe), but it would have taken a lot longer to sell it all.  The buyer got a fantastic deal, and a mighty fine CoCo collection.  I'll join in with Brian in congrats all around. Great auction.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer GT-116 X-PAD Paint Program DISK (item 130121047267 end time Jun-08-07 09:47:45 PDT)

This is the exceedingly rare McPaint from the same guys who did Color Max. :)  Woo hoo!  Seriously, this is so rare it makes my credit cards itchy.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Basic and Extended System Reference Card (item 250124068746 end time Jun-09-07 11:37:46 PDT)

The startlingly rare Nano Systems' CoCo reference card.  Nice looking and useful as well. 

eBay: TANDY 5-1/4" THINLINE DISK DRIVE FOR COLOR COMPUTER, NR (item 280121688433 end time Jun-10-07 14:38:16 PDT)

Amazingly nice looking FD-502 (Amazingly, Startlingly, Exceedingly... what I am, Stan Lee today...)!  Alas, no manual, but well worth considering for a collection.  Good 40-track drive for using, as well.  Makes a good OS-9/NitrOS-9 drive.

eBay: LOT of 25 TRS-80 Color Computer RS-DOS DECB PD DISKS (item 130120717210 end time Jun-07-07 07:43:32 PDT)

A collection of 25 disks chock full of Public Domain software for the CoCo.  The seller didn't list the contents, but hopefully the buyer will post these eventually.  Bet there's some pretty cool stuff in there.

eBay: TRS-80 COLOR DISK DRIVE FOR TANDY WITH BONUS CoCo (item 280122647534 end time Jun-13-07 11:08:50 PDT)

For the old school CoCoist, a good looking, in the box, 26-3022 disk drive with controller and cables.  Again with the alas, no manual.  Still, if you're interested in doing some serious retro-CoCoing, this will certainly do the job.  I remember reading in the mags that these drives were a bit unreliable.  The one I have ran for, oh, 27 years and I'm pretty sure it just needs a little head cleaning (motor runs, power's fine, head moves smooth as silk, etc.).  Your mileage may vary.

Angel's Luck,


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Wholly Cash Cow Batman!!!!

As I write, this auction TRS 80 CoCo 3 & 2 RGB MONITOR DSK DR CST DR GAMES BOOKS is selling for $305.00 with two and a half hours left. Very kewl to see a CoCo auction garner these bids. Of course, with all of the software it's now wonder. This auction was a veritable goldmine of awesome games and a few proggies to boot. Congrats to this seller for the killer auction in the first place, as well as the successful sale. And congrats to the buyer as well... (me thinks someone is having an early Christmas...)

Other than these two auctions: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer T/S EDIT Software and Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer T/S Word Software I haven't seen a whole lot that's grabbed my attention the last few days.



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Monday, June 04, 2007

Update - Remember this auction...?

Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer & OS-9 Archive 15919 files

Seems daddy, and apparently someone else, didn't think too much of these eBay auctions. Again, I have mixed feelings. IMHO, definitely prior approval should've been received from the owner of the site he downloaded the files from, and a Buy It Now price should've been negotiated for like $5 to cover his cost and time, but still not profit too much. Or an agreed upon price to share the profits with the site owner to share the sales to help offset his costs. I dunno... just kicking some thoughts around.

To me this only works if the guy actually downloaded the stuff from the internet. In the case of the actual DVD's he got after making a donation, there is no excuse...

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Two posts from me in a week... isn't that special!!!!

Seriously, checking eBay this morning, there is at least one auction
that peaked my interest. However, finances being what they are one you
out there in CoColand have a much better shot at them than I do...

TRS-80 Color Computer MUS File Player, Manual and Music

If you like listening to music on your CoCo (and who doesn't) this may be
something you find useful. And if nobody else is interested, I'll buy

TRS 80 Computer w/ Wico Command Control

If you're looking for a well used gray, this is one has your name on it.
However, I'm sure most will look at this auction for the rare Wico
Command Control Atari joystick adapter.

Vintage TRS80 CoCo Speech/Sound Synthesizer #26-3144

Here's a S/S cartridge for the CoCo. Notice that it has possibly been
disassembled. Maybe the 2MHz mod??? I'd ask before bidding, tho the
seller does state it's guaranteed to work.


Wow. Just WOW!!! This is an awesomely good auction with just about all of
the CoCo Goodness ANYBODY could expect. There appear to be at least a
few semi-rare to rare games, looks to be a dual disk drive (tho I
didn't see a controller), looks like a Koala pad hiding behind the
yellowing CoCo2. Not sure about collectible status on these since I
don't see any original package for the CoCos themselves. Many of the
softs look to be in collectible shape, tho. The link to check shipping prices appears to be broke...

That's about all the interesting stuff I've found today. maybe Cris will chime in later with his thoughts...

Later y'all,


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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still kicking...

As the good captain mentioned a few days ago, I've been moving. I also had a kid graduate from high school. And in-laws staying with me for two weeks. And I've had to go back to dial up internet service since broadband is not yet available where I live. As such, I'm NOT in the best of moods. So let's get on with it, shall we???

Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer & OS-9 Archive 15919 files

I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this. While this would be a great service to those with slow connections (like me) I also see this as stepping on someone's toes. Another auction by this seller MAY be what led to Ira pulling the downloadable content from his site ( If stuff like this is going to be sold in an eBay auction, then it'd be nice if the seller had the permission to do so and it was at a price where he did not show much profit, like a $4.99 Buy It Now auction. On the flip side, there is a lot of work that goes into pulling the data together to make a DVD like this (just ask Briza).

Vintage trs-80 color computer

WTF...? While there is a good bit here, where are the pics? And this in no way requires freight shipping. To zipcode 32025 it came up with $411.16!!! I had a Model IV and two boxes of TI-99 and Model IV stuff shipped to me for less than $60. This one earns my bitch smack for the day...

TRS80 - Tandy Color Computer 2 in Original Box

Here's a nice CoCo2 I'd say, in collectible condition (Cris may correct me...) still in original box...

Tandy 128K TRS-80 Color Computer 2 plus 3 games

Here's a usable CoCo2 with a few packs and two of those crappy joysticks that are impossible to play Donkey Kong with. And I'd like to see what upgrade they have for a CoCo2 with 128k... Bidders; ask questions...

Complete Working Vintage Tandy Color Computer 3

Here's a complete CoCo3 system. Shipping seems a little high, but, since the CM-8 comes with it, it may be correct. Here's your chance to get a complete system up and running if you don't have one yet, this one seems to have it all. Not collectible, but certainly usable.

And finally, here the last auction I won:

Tandy Video ComputerTETRIS Joy stick cassette

Not much, but, couldn't pass it up for the price. I also won a Parsec cart for my Ti, but, that's not for this blog :).

Later all...


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

5/22/07 Auctions/Sales of Note

A few interesting picks this week.  It's a great time to pick up a CoCo 3 as well.  Plenty being listed and the prices have mostly been quite reasonable. I did adjust the Price Guide for a Good CoCo 3 down slightly. The price for just the unit (no manuals, box, etc.) in Good condition has been running between $20.00 to $30.00, but several have gone way cheaper.  Like I said, a good time to look and bid if you need a CoCo 3!

eBay: TANDY TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER w/ audio output upgrade (item 290120257216 end time May-27-07 14:55:33 PDT)

Modified, well loved CoCo 1s aren't particularly collectible (yet), but I still think they're neat.  And if you like a CoCo with some character, or odd bits stuck on it, these are always worth looking at.  This one has some sort of audio/video mod for driving a monitor.  (Note that while it comes with a CoCo 3 box, it obviously isn't a CoCo 3.)  These are usually grab bags, but sometimes you can pop it open and find some rather rare modifications and upgrades from the early days. I've picked up several myself and been pleasantly surprised a few times.  My favorite was the one with an early video mod, keyboard, the piggyback memory upgrade and lower case kit on a 26-3001, all shielded for RF interference with big sheets of tin foil. heh!  And it works flawlessly!  Not collectible, perhaps, but loads of fun.

eBay: TRS-80 MULTIPAK INTERFACE & 3 CARTRIGES (item 230133245909 end time May-28-07 22:07:36 PDT)

This one isn't collectible, but the white 3024 MPI is rare enough I figured I would call it out.  This is the one that's easily modifiable to work with the CoCo 3 and OS-9 Level II. (The 3124 is trickier to modify. The super rare 3124A is already upgraded and works fine.)

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Multi-Pak Interface Vintage Computer (item 180120444646 end time May-27-07 18:25:55 PDT)

Not in the best of condition, but rare enough to note.  This is the original gray MPI, also designated Cat No 26-3024.  This thing is a beast, by the way.  Big honkin' heavy thing that looks really cool plugged into a Gray. Make sure you have some desk real estate, though. :)

eBay: TRS-80 CoCo - Sams ComputerFacts & Other Manuals/Books (item 170113875375 end time May-26-07 17:34:13 PDT)

These SAM's computer manuals don't show up very often. Included of note are the Computerfacts for the CoCo 1 26-3002 and the CoCo 2 26-3134 and 26-3136.  Alas, I've never seen these, so couldn't say what information they contain. If I remember correctly, they're similar to a Service Manual.

eBay: VINTAGE- TANDY CO LOR CO LOR I I CONTROLLER DISK (item 300112986375 end time May-26-07 07:33:11 PDT)

Interesting item.  It would be more interesting with a little history or factual information about it.  It appears to be a 26-3022 controller.  According to the label it has no disk ROM.  Where's it from?  What was it for?  Hmmm...  Regardless, assuming the controller chip and electronics are in there and working, it might be handy for popping an EPROM for an alternate DOS.

eBay: RADIO SHACK TRS-80 COMPUTER CASSETTE RECORDER CCR-82 (item 290118252662 end time May-22-07 21:54:52 PDT)

Pretty good condition CCR-82 recorder and it appears complete. Possibly unused.  Never cared for this recorder, myself. I've had three go dead on me, though I was able to get one of 'em running again with a rubber band. heh.  Not as sturdy as the older CCR-81 or CCR-81A.  Tandy dropped this one eventually and reintroduced the sturdier, and excellent (and terribly rare!), CCR-83.  Anyhow, this one is definitely in collectible condition, so worth a look. If you intend to use it, your mileage may vary.

eBay: Tandy Colour Computer 3 (item 180120930339 end time May-28-07 16:43:48 PDT)

In Canada, this mis-listed CoCo 3 might be a good deal.  A little yellowed, but certainly a candidate. Just check the shipping outside of Canada.  It can get steep real quick.

eBay: Computer dust covers, Available in any color or size (item 200111876013 end time May-27-07 17:26:16 PDT)

Heh.  This is fun.  Hey, those old Tandy covers tend to yellow, are hard to come by, are freakin' ugly, and these are purdier.  Might make the pile o' CoCo Goodness more tolerable to the wife. :D

Sales of Note

eBay: TRS-80 coco 2 computer access card rare interface card (item 250116547243 end time May-23-07 15:12:49 PDT)

This interface card, labeled Computer Access Card, went for a whopping US$104.50.  Great collectible and very cool item.

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer, Graphic Printer & Games NR (item 330120433586 end time May-22-07 18:18:03 PDT)

This nice CoCo 2, with extras including a CGP-115, went for US$87.66.  The CoCo 2 has still got it. :)

eBay: 3 TANDY COCO Game Cartridges w/ Box & Manual THAROGGAD (item 330119696903 end time May-20-07 15:49:55 PDT)

Pretty nice pak lot, including Super Pitfall, Predator, and Castle of Tharoggad, went for US$25.00. 

eBay: 3 TANDY COCO Game Cartridges w/ Box & Manual ROBOCOP (item 330119696896 end time May-20-07 15:49:54 PDT)

Nother lot with Football II, Malcom Mortar, and Robo Cop, went for US$20.50.

eBay: Rare TRS-80 Disc Drive Controller J&M Systems With Book (item 300111217353 end time May-20-07 14:16:51 PDT)

Yet another I wish I could have bid on, just for the reference manual.  Alas.  :)  Still, expected this to a go a bit higher.  Hopefully whoever landed it will scan the manual and post it.  Very nice controller for your CoCo 1/2.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer and Graphic Printer (item 330119287501 end time May-19-07 09:18:21 PDT)

This CoCo 1 setup went for a very nice US$50.00.  Wow!  Could the one be making a comeback?  They're moving slow, but they are moving!  Now if folks would just listed the Cat No we could track the prices! heh.

eBay: TANDY RADIO SHACK TRS 80 COMPUTER ELECTRONIC BOOK RARE (item 180116402162 end time May-18-07 19:37:04 PDT)

Wasn't sure how to list this in the Price Guide. Seems like it should have software with it.  Anyhow, it's listed in the hardware section and sold for US$11.58.

eBay: TANDY TRS 80 HANDYMAN CARTRIDGE~VINTAGE VIDEO GAME (item 270120906153 end time May-18-07 18:51:34 PDT)

These two very nice, and rare, paks went for US$22.50!

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer 2 Radio Shack NIB (item 180116386640 end time May-18-07 18:49:30 PDT)

If Brian weren't busy moving, this would make a great "What the ???" entry. heh.  I'll do it.  WHAT THE???  This CoCo 2 went for an astonishing US$102.50!  It was listed as NIB (New In Box) and wasn't anywhere close. For my collection purposes, judging from the pictures, I'd have said Very Good.  Hell, the thing wasn't even complete, and didn't even include manuals.  Sheesh.  Well, I hope the buyer gets some serious enjoyment out of it.  It's great to see the CoCo 2 so popular, but I'd hate for people to get turned off by paying too much for an incorrectly listed item.  No, I'm not adjusted the Price Guide for this one.  It's one of those fluke situations.

And we'll end that here.  On the CoCo units themselves, there's plenty of sales going on for very usable units.  Collectible units and units with lots of nice extras are also moving.  I'll need to watch it a touch longer but it looks like the CoCo 1 is selling a bit again, the CoCo 2 is holding steady, and there's plenty of CoCo 3s listed over the last month.  After a lack of the latter for a long while, it's nice to see them listing and selling well.  More CoCoists the merrier! 

NIB and Fine paks are bringing in good prices right now. Many of the good paks in any condition are also selling.  With the number of CoCo sales increasing, I would expect that trend to continue. 

It does appear that there are at least a few new collectors hitting the listings lately, as well.  The regulars and heavy hitters, however, have been pretty dormant.  So while we're seeing some solid prices on collectible Color Computer items, mostly they aren't going through the roof.  This situation can generally mean that it's a great time to grab some CoCo gear.  Consistent sales of the machines means more listings. More sellers means there's a greater chance of rarities turning up.  We've seen this already, and I'm tracking a couple of listings now (for next week) that are a bunch of nice paks but also a couple of Very Nice rare items from the same seller.  This is good solid CoCo buying and selling, and while it may not be as exciting as the bidding slugfests that we saw a couple of months ago, it's definitely good business for the CoCo!

Angel's Luck,


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5/15/07 Auctions of Note

CoCo Auctions and Sales of Note

for May 15th, 2007

eBay: RADIO SHACK TRS-80 COMPUTER CASSETTE RECORDER - CCR-81 (item 300110406762 end time May-17-07 17:51:50 PDT)

Let's start off with a ha ha.  This is gorgeous CCR-81A, near mint and complete. This is the white version of the venerable CCR-81.  Good deck and recommended if you can get one.  I used an old CCR-81 almost daily for 10 years and, 20 years later, it's still running just fine (it's been retired for a shiny CCR-83).  The 81A is the same device in a white plastic case, that matches the CoCo 2 and CoCo 3 nicely.  This one, unfortunately, has a rather, um, optimistic asking price. :)

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer 2 Radio Shack NIB (item 180116386640 end time May-18-07 18:49:30 PDT)

Listed as New In Box, but not!  No manuals, plastic wrap, etc.  Still, could be collectible CoCo 2, so worth a look.  I'd inquire about the model, BASIC ROM and memory configuration.

eBay: TANDY RADIO SHACK TRS 80 COMPUTER ELECTRONIC BOOK RARE (item 180116402162 end time May-18-07 19:37:04 PDT)

This is rare enough to warrant a look, though I think there was originally software with it.  Afraid I just don't know much about this one.

eBay: RADIO SHACK TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER WITH RECORDER,GAMES (item 110127319283 end time May-19-07 18:21:28 PDT)

I can not believe they put that poor CoCo down on the cement.  Sheesh!  From the photos a decent looking original model.  These are getting rarer.

eBay: TANDY TRS-80~ONE-ON-ONE~VIDEO GAME~J.ERVING vs L.BIRD (item 170111580017 end time May-19-07 21:38:12 PDT)

Rare enough for a look.  This is a Steve Bjork game if I remember correcly.  It's also wicked fun.  Way more fun than I thought it would be.  The computer opponents actually have personality and very different playing styles.  And are pretty challenging to boot!  Plus you get that great manual with Bird and Erving on the cover. :)

eBay: TANDY TRS-80 CHILDRENS TELEVISION WORKSHOP VIDEO GAMES (item 170111582217 end time May-19-07 22:03:04 PDT)

Another one for the CoCo 1 that's rare enough to list as notable.  I wish I knew the whole story behind these.  I have a huge set of these that I've never fired up or messed with.  This is one of several Tandy produced for the education and home education markets.  Some of these programs were marketed separately on cassette, as well.  This one looks pretty complete.

eBay: Rare TRS-80 Disc Drive Controller J&M Systems With Book (item 300111217353 end time May-20-07 14:16:51 PDT)

The exceedingly rare J&M floppy controller WITH the manual.  The manual alone is probably worth some bucks.  Since the manual says 1983 it is probably a JDF-CoCo, which is the original J&M controller. This controller went through several revisions (at least through D, that I'm aware of).  The seller doesn't mention what OS is on the EPROM, but most common was JDOS set for 40-track operation.  It won't work with the CoCo 3, but supposedly can be patched.

eBay: TRS-80 coco 2 computer access card rare interface card (item 250116547243 end time May-23-07 15:12:49 PDT)

So rare it hurts. This is a development board for making program paks and interfacing with the CoCo via the pak bus.  The seller doesn't list the manufacturer, but if I remember correctly there were a few that made  things like this.  Very cool.  Very expensive, as well.  Starting bid of 101.89 and a Buy It Now of $150.00.  I would be surprised at all if someone snapped this up.

eBay: TANDY TRS 80 Springster ~VINTAGE VIDEO GAME~1980 (item 270120908058 end time May-18-07 18:58:18 PDT)

Two paks of interest.  Springster is a really weird CoCo 3 game.  It's just... odd.  Never quite got the hang of it.  Math Tutor, the pak version in the CoCo 3 era clamshell case.  Can't comment on it.  Both appear to be a in excellent collectible condition.

eBay: 3 TANDY COCO Game Cartridges w/ Box & Manual THAROGGAD (item 330119696903 end time May-20-07 15:49:55 PDT)

This lot has three CoCo 3 paks in their original clamshells.  Those shells, by the way, are an excellent indicator of how the pak has been stored. They yellow very quickly and horribly.  So clear clamshells means pretty good storage.  This lot includes Castle of Tharoggad, Super Pitfall, and Predator.  Alas, Predator is sans manual.  (Having played the game extensively, trust me when I say it wouldn't help anyway.  Great game... if you're in any way sadistic.)

eBay: 3 TANDY COCO Game Cartridges w/ Box & Manual ROBOCOP (item 330119696896 end time May-20-07 15:49:54 PDT)

Another round of very nice paks for the CoCo 3.  This lot includes RoboCop, GFL Championship Football II (blah) and A Mazing World of Malcom Mortar.  Never played the latter.

Running late, so no Price Guide Update or sales of note this week.  Shall make an extra effort to get something in next time. ;) 

Angel's Luck,


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

5/6/07 Auctions of Note

Auctions of note for May 5th, 2006:

There just hasn't been much that's got me excited lately as far as CoCo auctions go. Probably has a lot to do with the pile of stuff I still need to go through and catalog.  Hard to get hot about buying new CoCo stuff when the wife is looking at the big piles of it in the CoCo room and giving the evil eye and fondling a shovel and a package of over sized trash bags.  Ahem.  And the pile just keeps getting bigger!  

A quick thank you to several people (you know who you are) who've sent stuff to Project CoCo Rescue.  I really do send this stuff back out and there's some happy folks out there right now, gleefully playing with your old CoCo stuff and putting it to good use.  They thank you, too. ;)   The project is officially closed, alas.  I'll still take any CoCo stuff you intend to throw out, and I'll continue to pass it along to others.  I just can't afford to pay more than postage for common stuff anymore on account I'm running out of CoCo cash! :)  So, if you want to donate it to the cause, by all means drop me an email.  If not, PLEASE list it on eBay or post to one of the message boards out there.  There's plenty of people that would love to have it!!!

On to the collecting...  While things have certainly been slow in the TRS-80 listings, there's been stuff worth considering, particularly if you're looking for things to use with your system and not just to collect.  That's been the picture for awhile now, of course.  Here's a few items that caught my eye:

eBay: Lot of 7 Tandy Color Computer Games (item 270118018090 end time May-13-07 17:22:44 PDT)

This lot has a couple of CoCo 1/2 titles and five CoCo 3 titles.  Fairly used, but include the box and instructions.  Pretty nice lot if you want to jump start your collection.  All of these are pretty good games, with Sub Battle, Thexder, King's Quest III, Koronis Rift, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego,  Shanghai and Interbank Incident.

eBay: Supersound audio for the Tandy Color Computer 3 (item 250112309877 end time May-11-07 16:34:57 PDT)

This is a CoCo 3 program I'm not familiar with.  Appears to be some sort of sounds digitizing system.  Includes instructions and original disk.  The original is damaged, so a working backup is also included.  Looks pretty neat and, obviously, exceedingly rare!

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 plus many extras!!! all in original box. (item 330116970408 end time May-12-07 15:45:04 PDT)

Good looking and mostly complete CoCo 1 system with most of the original fixings, tape drive, and a pair of stubbies in the box.  There's some tapes, too, but alas the contents aren't listed. Shipping is a bit (okay exceedingly) steep.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer Learning Lab - LN (item 300108290786 end time May-08-07 19:36:50 PDT)

You know, I've never run the tapes on this.  Had it for years.  Weird. Anyhoo, these don't come looking decent much.  This one is not bad at all.  Those old Tandy binders yellow pretty bad, destroying the manuals and tapes.  This one appears complete, but the pictures aren't the clearest. 

eBay: TANDY TRS 80~INTERBANK INCIDENT~ON FLOPPYS~VIDEO GAME (item 170108279633 end time May-09-07 21:59:00 PDT)

Great game, fair but complete copy.  Worth playing on your CoCo 1/2.

eBay: TANDY TRS 80 DRAGON FIRE CARTRIDGE~VINTAGE VIDEO GAME (item 170108279018 end time May-09-07 21:51:12 PDT)

Another fun game, this one full of dragon action.  Just the pak and the manual, but it's rare enough to warrant a good look.

eBay: TANDY TRS 80~SHAMUS~ON FLOPPY~VIDEO GAME~1983~RARE (item 170108274674 end time May-09-07 21:09:11 PDT)

Another fairly rare OS-9 disk game. 

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer,printer, manuals, NR (item 140114215503 end time May-09-07 14:57:35 PDT)

And another very nice CoCo 1.  This was is appears to be a 26-3002 from 1982.   They didn't show the other side of the box, but it appears to be Color BASIC only.

eBay: TANDY COLOR COMPUTER 3 128K STD.TV, VIDEO, RGB NIB (item 260114200944 end time May-07-07 14:24:28 PDT)

Wow.  A complete, pretty much brand new CoCo 3.  It's not mint (the box has been opened), but it's about as close as you get on eBay.  Collector's take note!

eBay: Radio Shack Service Manual for TRS-80 Color Computer (item 120115445044 end time May-08-07 18:54:30 PDT)

Pretty rare service manual (the second one, the first is green) for the 3001/3002.  If you own one of these machines this is a Good Thing to have.

Not too bad actually. :)

Folks are buying, though, and seeing a lot of new people I haven't seen bidding before. Software and paks are going strong and pulling in some record prices.  Loads of CoCo 2s selling as well!  Some sales of note:

eBay: Tandy TRS-80 TRS80 Cassette Recorder Cable 26-1207 NOS (item 110121071330 end time May-05-07 17:29:09 PDT)

Holy crap!  This tape deck cable and, in another auction, a CoCo serial cable, sold for nearly US$55.00!!!  Now where are all those extra cable I have laying about here... I need some cash!

eBay: TANDY TRS 80 GRAPHIC PAK CARTRIDGE AND BOOK~'82~RARE (item 170106092452 end time May-02-07 22:51:35 PDT)

This very nice looking Graphic Pak and manual (no original packaging) went for a whopping US$17.00! 

eBay: TANDY TRS 80~PEGASUS~ON FLOPPY~VIDEO GAME~1985~RARE (item 170106089801 end time May-02-07 22:18:44 PDT)

Pegasus and The Phantom Riders, great and rare game, excellent condition floppy package, complete, US$15.50.  Bumped up the price guide a bit, but too few copies recorded to get a good accurate read.

eBay: TANDY TRS 80 ROBOT BATTLE ~ADV. IN PROGRAMMING~'81~RARE (item 170106080397 end time May-02-07 21:29:26 PDT)

Darn rare game by itself. Even rarer complete in package.  Sold for about US$10.50.  This is the first price guide capture.

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Software SPIDERCIDE (item 320107737024 end time May-01-07 21:37:31 PDT)

Super rare in any condition, this was a still shrinked copy of the Spiderside pak.  I didn't bid on this because, well, I'm an idiot. Sold for about US$26.00.

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer Software POLTERGEIST (item 320107737000 end time May-01-07 21:37:27 PDT)

Still shrinked Poltergiest pak.  See, above idiot excuse.  Sold for US$7.50.

eBay: TRS 80/Radio Shack/Tandy - 56 carts-manuals-some new (item 270113224835 end time Apr-30-07 19:12:59 PDT)

WOOO!  Probably the biggest dollar auction for the CoCo I've seen in a long time.  Big fat lot of 56 paks went for US$196.33.  Dang.

eBay: 31 5.25" Floppy Disks with Tandy Color Computer Stuff (item 110119984023 end time Apr-30-07 18:16:51 PDT)

This grab bag of CoCo disks (no identifications) went for a solid $31.00.  Hope they got something good!

eBay: VINTAGE Tandy TRS 80 Color Computer 2 LOADED NO RESERVE (item 130104018628 end time Apr-28-07 13:59:17 PDT)

Gorgeous and complete CoCo 2 lot. Went for a very nice $104.00.  Seller made a great sale, and the seller got a darn good looking (and handy) CoCo 2 setup.  Hope he gets a ton of enjoyment out of it.

eBay: tandy trs-80 touch pad mint in box (item 300104705737 end time Apr-28-07 08:42:03 PDT)

Pretty much brand new one.  I think these got a bit over valued, so I chopped the price guide listing down considerably after this one and another didn't sell several times in a row.  This one went for US$15.50.

eBay: TC^3 SCSI Controller and drive system - Color Computer (item 110117265941 end time Apr-26-07 16:38:08 PDT)

Okay, and we'll finish up with this Cloud-9 TC^3 SCSI setup.  This isn't vintage equipment, but it was still fun to see it come up for sale.  This one went with Jaz drive and 4X CD ROM drive plus the controller for US$80.00.  Great deal considering the controller alone sells for $75.00 new (without the real time clock, which isn't mentioned in the auction). 

Final note, I'll going to try (for awhile anyhow) to switch posting the CoCo Collector more regularly on Tuesdays nights instead of Sunday and as things pop up.  I'll post hot single items as they come up, but most of it will be on the one night.  I'm hoping this switch will a) give it some freakin regularity (and hey, when you're my age, being regular is great), and 2) let me update the price guide more consistently.  Might as well have a go at it, right?! :)

Angel's Luck,


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Sunday, April 22, 2007

4/21/07 Auctions of Note: CoCo 2s, Drives, and Hard Drive System!

Auctions of Note for April 21st, 2007:

eBay: VINTAGE Tandy TRS 80 Color Computer 2 LOADED NO RESERVE (item 130104018628 end time Apr-28-07 13:59:17 PDT)

Okay, first off, this seller did a pretty darn good job with the posting.  It's complete and pretty, but not in an annoying way like so many others.  They listed model numbers and provided plenty of pictures (not too big) with enough detail.  That alone is probably worth a mention. :)  The first gem in this lot is the 26-3127B CoCo 2, still in the box with the manuals.  I'm actually saving some of the pictures for reference, so that I can match everything up with my 3127B for the collection. (A have the CoCo and original box, but now I know what manual and reference card goes with it. heh!)  This is a great 64K CoCo 2 and my personal favorite, since it was the one I had as a lad. Nothing like a little bias, eh?   It's claim to fame is that it can do true lower case when popped into all RAM mode and with a few pokes. I wrote a little bit about it here, ages ago.  Also of note is the 26-3029 disk drive and controller (later rebranded as the Tandy FD-500) and a collection of disks.  No precise word on what's on the disk, other than the OS-9 Boot disk, but the others are labeled games 1-4.  Could be some interesting bits on those, if you're into the blind grab bag thing.  Over all a nice system for use or for the permanent collection.

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer 2 - CoCo 2 - Vintage (item 200102483789 end time Apr-28-07 12:20:41 PDT)

A 26-3134.  Auction says it's still in the box, but the text is lifted from a web site (Glen's I believe.)  No mention of manuals, memory or BASIC ROM.  Price is a bit high as well.  This model generally runs $13 to $22 depending on configuration.  Still, these machines are noted with model number so infrequently, I figured I'd call it out.  Plus, CoCo 2s have gone for a lot more recently.  I have no idea... :)

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer & Hard Drive Controller (item 250107022788 end time Apr-27-07 18:41:35 PDT)

Here's an pretty darn interesting lot of particular note to the collector.  The big Digital brand drives in their own case are pretty cool.  Unfortunately, I know nothing about 'em.  They are apparently being driven, however, by a Tandy Hard Drive controller.  The auction doesn't have a close up of the controller, but that certainly appears to be it.  (Ask questions before bidding, of course.)  If so, it's a pretty rare beast. I only recall seeing it once before and that one went for some crazy cash.  Not mentioned in the text is a blue floppy disk holder.  Wonder if there's anything in it.  Also, the rare Destruction Derby pak, with box and manual is present.  Over all an intriguing lot.

eBay: 2 Vintage Computer Games, TRS-80, Color Cubes, Polaris (item 110117272946 end time Apr-26-07 17:04:19 PDT)

The rare Color Cubes pak, complete on it's original clamshell package with manual.  Also the popular Polaris pak, also apparently complete.  They look to be in pretty good condition, as well.

eBay: TC^3 SCSI Controller and drive system - Color Computer (item 110117265941 end time Apr-26-07 16:38:08 PDT)

Oh man, who wouldn't want this rig? :)  This is a TC^3 SCSI system from Cloud 9 Tech sporting a Iomega Jaz drive (1 Gig with two carts) and a CD-ROM drive.  All packed up nice with a power supply and custom enclosure. Includes the Cloud 9 SuperDriver.  The seller has even offered to load the drive with NitrOS-9 of your flavor.  Go on and bid.  You know you want to. :)

eBay: TRS-80 Color Computer fd-502 floppy system (item 110117143770 end time Apr-26-07 12:42:42 PDT)

From the same seller, a very nice floppy set up.  Set includes an FD-502 controller and two 5 1/4" double sided, 40-track, 360K drives. While not necessarily collectible, highly worth a mention since you don't see this configuration come up very often.  For the modern CoCo, this is the base minimum for storage.  You could build one yourself, but here it is all packaged up and ready to roll.

eBay: TANDY AND RADIO SHACK LOT OF 14 GAME CARTRIDGES (item 330110992680 end time Apr-23-07 22:55:51 PDT)

Nice fat lot of paks.  If you're just starting your collection, there's plenty of play in this bunch.  Androne is particularly rare in any condition.


Thought it would be interesting to combine the posts for Sales and Still for Sale together.  Just for awhile to see how it goes.  This won't be near as complete as the old listings, but I'll try to hit the most interesting sales.  Here goes:

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer 1 Silver case, system (item 260107940047 end time Apr-21-07 14:06:46 PDT)

Pretty sweet original CoCo set up.  Clearly upgraded to heck.  Bet this one has some stories behind it. :)  Went for US$53.02.

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer Model 2 16K Basic in BOX (item 230119088629 end time Apr-21-07 11:45:19 PDT)

Here's a 26-3124 at 16K (see above) that went for $20.50.  Bumped the price guide price a little, but we'll watch the other one and see how it goes.

eBay: Two TRS-80 Deluxe Joystick (item 190102131112 end time Apr-18-07 17:41:36 PDT)

Holy crap!  Someone really needed some sticks! 

eBay: Radio Shack TRS-80 Color Computer 2 (item 300100594252 end time Apr-16-07 19:34:45 PDT)

Wow!  A 26-3127 in the box.  Has the Intro manual, but no BASIC manuals.  Looks a bit yellow, too.  Ended with Buy It Now at US$55.00!  Very slight adjustment to the Price Guide.

eBay: Hard Drive controller for TRS-80 Coco Color computer! (item 230115504019 end time Apr-16-07 14:31:02 PDT)

Half way figured this to go for more, but the description wasn't terribly clear.  Still pretty sure this is a floppy controller only.  No idea how to list this in the Price Guide, so I didn't.

eBay: TRS-80 32K COCO EXT BASIC SER# 0001628 MFD OCT 1982 (item 270107568647 end time Apr-13-07 08:27:12 PDT)

This didn't sell?  Go figure. :P

eBay: TRS-80 Tandy 128K Color Computer 3 w/ Disk Drive FD 501 (item 300101161436 end time Apr-12-07 11:51:43 PDT)

One of the few CoCo 3s we've had in the last couple of weeks.  This one went with an FD-501 and controller for about US$50.00 on Buy It Now.  Not a bad deal at all!

eBay: TRS-80 Coco 'Speech/Sound Program Pak' (item 130097545100 end time Apr-11-07 17:15:13 PDT)

Not the highest we've ever seen this one sell, but at US$62.00, it may still be the hottest frequently selling piece of CoCo hardware.  Still, Price Guide price for Very Fine adjusted down a bit.

Angel's Luck,


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Friday, April 20, 2007

4/20/07 Sale of Note

Okay, I stopped doing Sales of Note due to lack of time and reader interest (makes updating the Price Guide more frequently, too).  But some I'm just going to have to call out :)

eBay: New Tandy Coco 3 512K memory card (item 280104637685 end time Apr-20-07 17:01:26 PDT)

This original Tandy 512K upgrade for the CoCo 3, new in box, went for a whopping $100.00!!!  This is the first new one that's come up in the last couple of years, so we're talking a pretty rare item here.  Hope the collector that landed it enjoys having it. heh!  Wow.

Angel's Luck,


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4/18/07 Auctions of Note

Auctions of Note for April 18th, 2007:

A few goodies to sink your paycheck into...

eBay: Vintage Tandy Computer 64K Video Game GHANABWANA SEALED (item 280105120046 end time Apr-22-07 11:34:29 PDT)

This great game is actually getting pretty rare.  Haven't seen it come up in awhile.  Huge CoCo 1/2 fun from a Steve Bjork classic.  There was a fix for this one at some point that was published in The Rainbow, so that it would work and display in color on the CoCo 3.  If anyone wants the patch, I'll try to dig it up.  If you don't have this game in your collection, get in there and bid.  No CoCo should be without it.

eBay: Tandy COCO TRS FD 501 Disk Drive cartridge (item 250106220835 end time Apr-23-07 19:50:14 PDT)

Not in particularly collectible condition, but a good pak to have.  It is the only Tandy controller to have gold contacts.  If you need disk drives for your CoCo, this is the first stop.

eBay: DISTO SC-II OS-9 original disk for TRS-80 Tandy CoCo (item 190104388371 end time Apr-24-07 22:07:50 PDT)

This is the OS-9 software drivers for the Disto Super Controller II.  Pretty rare stuff, but you'll need a Super Controller II and OS-9 to use it.

eBay: AutoTerm 3.2D original disk for TRS-80 Tandy CoCo (item 190104387739 end time Apr-24-07 22:02:27 PDT)

An original AutoTerm disk for RS-DOS.  Again, a pretty dang rare program.  No instruction manual, alas.  This one seems to have multiple versions for different CoCo system setups on it.  Hard to make out, but appears to be 32K and 64K versions at the very least.

eBay: Black Sanctum on original disk for TRS-80 Tandy CoCo (item 190104387278 end time Apr-24-07 21:58:38 PDT)

A very old and very rare Black Sanctum disk for the CoCo.  This looks like the very early first version (possibly).  Can't make out the label.  Again, no manual, but definitely a prize.

eBay: TANDY FOR COLOR COMPUTER 2 OR 3 MIND ROLLER GAME (item 300102474372 end time Apr-23-07 16:42:05 PDT)

Cool game and in Very Good for Price Guide standards.

eBay: VINTAGE TANDY DISK DRIVE FD 500 (item 330110074577 end time Apr-23-07 10:29:46 PDT)

According to the description, a complete FD-500 in the box. No pictures, unfortunately.  Still, the price is right, though I would contact the seller regarding shipping, as there appears to be some confusion.

Angel's Luck,


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

4/14/07 Auctions of Note

Auctions of note for April 14th, 2007:

While things have been a tad slow in the Color Computer auctions of late, there's still been some nice items popping up.  And for anyone looking to grab some stuff to use on your "working" system, there's some great deals to be had lately as well!  Here's a couple that have caught my eye recently and why.

eBay: Vintage TRS-80 Color Computer 1 Silver case, system (item 260107940047 end time Apr-21-07 14:06:46 PDT)

Beautiful.  A classic gray as a complete system.  The seller mentions it still has the 4K RAM button on it, but considering the upgrades apparent, I wouldn't be surprised if it had more.  If you need more RAM, be sure to ask the seller to PRINT MEM the sucker before bidding.  (I just turned a BASIC command into a verb! ha!)  This is probably an early 26-3001 model.  Note that there's a small LED in the center that is a user add-on.  Also included is what appears to be the rare HJL keyboard.  Very sweet.  The drive is a 26-3022, the original CoCo drive, with matching controller and cable (misidentified as an FD-500 controller).  Drive and computer appear to come with the original boxes.  I suspect this will be a fun computer to explore and play with!

eBay: New Tandy Coco 3 512K memory card (item 280104637685 end time Apr-20-07 17:01:26 PDT)

Super rare, unused, Tandy 512L memory card!  Wow!  Good looking and well worth looking at, whether you slap it in your CoCo 3 or put it under glass and ogle it. :)

eBay: TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER 2 BY RADIO SHACK never out box (item 150111949986 end time Apr-19-07 19:00:00 PDT)

Brand spanking new CoCo 2.  Well, pretty darn close anyhow.  Since it only has the Color BASIC book, I'd assume it's that only.  Probably 16K.  Catalog number would be impossible to guess at, since many CoCo 2 models had that keyboard and RAM.  Judging from the manual cover, I'd suggest a mid to late model 16K Color BASIC.  Inquire if interested.

eBay: Tandy CoCo 3 Predator Game (item 300101842837 end time Apr-17-07 19:42:34 PDT)

From the photos, a complete and decent looking copy of the Predator pak for the CoCo 3.  Don't have this one myself, so I can't recommend it for game playing, but looks good if you need it for the collection.

Angel's Luck,


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Monday, April 09, 2007

4/9/07 Auctions of Note

Auctions of Note for April 9th, 2006:

Ah, the ups and downs of CoCo Collecting in the Spring!  It rains and pours, then it's quiet and calm.  I don't think I've had this few items on my watch list in quite awhile.  Still there are a few items to get excited about. Let's have a look.

eBay: 5 Rainbow Magazines 84/85 TRS-80 Tandy Color Computer (item 330107901914 end time Apr-16-07 17:58:02 PDT)

These caught my eye because, well, I don't have them. heh... I wouldn't mind seeing a few smaller lots of magazines like this.  It would make filling in a collection a bit easier.

eBay: Hard Drive controller for TRS-80 Coco Color computer! (item 230115504019 end time Apr-16-07 14:31:02 PDT)

A floppy controller with ADOS loaded in it from Hard Drive Specialists.  Pretty dang rare item.  Seller mentions this might also be a hard drive controller, but doesn't look like it to me.  Appears to be wired for dual horizontal floppies, though with ADOS on it, they probably run double sided 40-track, or perhaps even 80-track drives (can't see how wide the ends of the ribbon cables are... looks like the cable to a 5 1/4" drive).

In the "What The???" Department:

eBay: TRS-80 32K COCO EXT BASIC SER# 0001628 MFD OCT 1982 (item 270107568647 end time Apr-13-07 08:27:12 PDT)

Okay, granted, Brian already mentioned this one AND it's been thoroughly ridiculed on the CoCo mailing list (I may not read it, but I do skim it), but seriously...  Dude actually paid money to list this. heh.

eBay: 6 Vintage Tandy Stereo Music Synthesizer Coco 26-3143 (item 200097824953 end time Apr-14-07 14:33:39 PDT)

Big lot of in the box Orchestra-90ccs. Not sure what you would do with this many, but if you were inclined to have a bunch of them, here ya go.

Angel's Luck,


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Quick update - I won an auction!!!

First off, here's the auction I won:

Radio Shack Color Computer Software - LOGO + More 

This was really better than advertised. The Color Logo disk doesn't even look like it's seen a disk drive. And yes good Capt, it IS a Tandy Home Education Systems product. Comes with a study guide and all. I have absolutely NO idea what I'll do with it, but, it's cool anyway.

CGD Plus comes with the manual, an original floppy with serial, several backup floppies, as well as font and graphics disks as well. just wish I would have remembered to bring it home from work so i could make back ups on 3.5" disks, and try it out!!!

Kid writer looks to be original also. I have no idea what it does, but, it's in good shape. :)

Now, on to the auctions;

Lot of 3 Tandy CoCo Color Computer 1 / 2 vintage system

Looks like 2 generations of the CoCo1 and a CoCo2. I do not consider these to be collectible, but they are certainly usable.

Kings Quest 3 For the TRS 80 Color Computer

Looks to be close to collectible as most if not all of it is there. Be warned, the shipping cost is out-fraking-ragous.

And from the totally fraking stupid file comes this:

TRS-80 32K COCO EXT BASIC SER# 0001628 MFD OCT 1982

Alright, if this were a dev system, or CoCo numero-uno, or a CoCo3 that Sock master found the elusive 256 color mode, I could see a couple hundred dollars. IMHO, this guy needs to be take out behind the woodshed and beaten with an Apple ][ and C-64. I would ordinarily be a little pissy and not quite this vocal, however, he actually RAISED the original starting bid from $500 to $800. My feeling is this guy is a relative n00b and has actually been lingering around the CoCo chatrooms and is trying to elicit a response...

10 Rainbow on Tapes for TRS-80 Coco color computer!

Here's 10 R.O.T. I get curious, or maybe it's suspicious, every time I see a reserve auction on vintage computer stuff. If they have minimum amount they'll take for it, why not just put it up??

For those who do not frequent the CoCo Hut Bulletin Board (and shame on you), a few weeks ago I started doing some research on floppy drives for the CoCo. Let's face it, the old 360k 5 1/4" floppies and drives are getting a little hard to fine and long in the tooth. And finding a true 720k 3.5" drive is an impossibility, unless you want to pay >$50 per drive. To that end, I've been checking every 3.5" 1.44mb floppy I can find for certain features. Basically what I've been looking for is whether the drive can be used as a drive 0, 1, 2 or 3. Go check out the thread, 3.5" Floppy drives with jumpers... and see what I've found so far. Keep in mind, this is a WIP so hopefully the list will grow.



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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

4/4/07 Auctions of Note

Auctions of note for April 4th, 2007:

It has been a bit slow the last week, but there's a few items to whet your CoCo collecting whistle. :)

eBay: TRS-80 Coco 'Speech/Sound Program Pak' (item 130097545100 end time Apr-11-07 17:15:13 PDT)

Appears to be a beautiful condition Speech/Sound Pak in the box with manual.  This is the newer, silver label version. (The older one has a black label. They are identical, I believe.)

eBay: TRS-80 Coco 'Orchestra-90' Music Synthesizer (item 130097545078 end time Apr-11-07 17:13:31 PDT)

Gorgeous Orchestra-90cc!   Also complete with manuals.

eBay: 1980 TRS 80 computer complete in original box, v. good. (item 260104697076 end time Apr-14-07 16:01:59 PDT)

Identified as such, these are fairly rare.  This is apparently a Color BASIC machine (probably 16K) with manual and in the box.  The seller doesn't identify it, so I'm going by the lack of ECB manual.  Be sure to ask, if interested.

eBay: TRS-80 COLOR COMPUTER PROGRAM : CARD GAMES (item 110111025494 end time Apr-10-07 20:57:10 PDT)

These tapes are fairly rare, but alas the manual is a photocopy.  Still, if you need them for the collection, or enjoy cards games on the CoCo, this isn't a bad deal.

eBay: Radio Shack TRS 80 Color Computer Color Disk Graphics. (item 280100960100 end time Apr-09-07 20:41:53 PDT)

The disk version of the pak program.  Haven't seen this in a very long time.  Is it collectible?  We'll see.

eBay: Radio Shack TRS 80 Color Computer Color Scripsit c1982. (item 280100958778 end time Apr-09-07 20:37:04 PDT)

Appears to be complete.  This is Tandy's word processor for the CoCo 1/2.  If you're looking for one to use, you can do better.  If you're looking for the collection, this is worth a look since it doesn't come too frequently.

eBay: Ulti-MusE lll for The Color Computer (item 260103577843 end time Apr-08-07 20:12:35 PDT)

Exceedingly rare program with a bonus.  This one also includes the Glenside MIDI interface!   If the collector's are out, this'll go big.  I don't think they are... heh... but maybe.

Angel's Luck,


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